Maintain control over your expanded messaging.

An effective marketing strategy must provide customers with the information that they need while efficiently moving them forward along the path to purchase. Emerging communication technologies now empower your sales and marketing teams to affect these goals by providing them with an unprecedented ability to reach your customers. But this access comes at a cost - with your employees' new ability to reach thousands of potential customers at the click of a button, you must maintain careful control over your messaging to protect the integrity of your brand.

Experiment with confidence.

We specialize in extracting essential knowledge from your key employees, distilling it into actionable business development tools and putting those tools into the hands of your sales and marketing teams. In this way, you can be confident that your employees are on message while empowering them to take the initiative and to attempt new strategies for building your business.

We will arm your personnel with the messaging and marketing tools
they need.

Arm your personnel.

propel-ant deploys people-oriented marketing platforms to streamline, control and quantify your communications. Internally, the managers who control messaging will be able to share their knowledge and to work collaboratively with those who use it on a daily basis to build business. Externally, we will arm your personnel with the professional messaging and marketing tools that they need to successfully communicate with customers in their local markets.

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