The conference room is evolving. Modern telecommunications technology breaks down many of the traditional stumbling blocks created by geographic diversity. Remote teams can now maintain productivity through the careful application of the right interactive tools.

propel-ant specializes in creating efficient and effective workspaces for virtual collaboration.

With Your Clients

Your clients become active participants, generating a sense of partnership and shared success.

Engaging your clients in meaningful dialogue is a critical component of the sales process. Once the sale is complete and the project is underway, how do you keep the client enthusiastic and engaged in your work?

We will help you to deploy virtual client workspaces which will encourage your customers to engage more deeply with you and your projects. These workspaces will allow your clients to monitor your progress and will provide them with ready access to various project assets for their own internal status reports. Virtual client workspaces are great for tracking feedback and approvals, leading to increased client satisfaction and pride of ownership.

By inviting your clients into your development process, they become active participants in the work, generating a sense of real partnership and shared success.

Employees perceive scheduling and location flexibility as a real inventive.

For Your Workforce

Office overhead costs can make a real dent in your bottom line. Reducing these costs begins with a careful calculation of your actual on-site personnel needs, followed by a recalibration of office space to support only the required capacity. Personnel whose physical presence is not required in the office five day per week can now be freed to work from their own home offices.

We will create customized virtual toolkits for your remote workers which will include applications to address needs such as: video teleconferencing, web-based project management, document sharing, and time/resource tracking.

And what will your personnel think of the idea? They will love it. Employees perceive scheduling and location flexibility as a real incentive, one which can be used to balance actual monetary compensation. Further, virtual workspaces improve productivity by reducing commute time and minimizing distraction.

Let us quantify just how beneficial modern virtual workspace technology can be >>