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Maintain control

The recent explosion of social networking platforms provides your sales and marketing teams with an unprecedented ability to connect with your clients and the public in general. But this access comes at a cost – with your employees’ new ability to reach thousands of potential customers at the click of a button, you must maintain careful control over your messaging to protect the integrity of your brand.

Your staff will use social media. It is therefore critical that you provide them with the guidance they require to stay on message and with the tools that they need to successfully build your business.



Your staff will use social media. You must provide them with structured guidance.

An intelligent approach

The propel-ant approach to social networking is two-fold:

  1. Implement a strategy which works within the naturally forming social networks of your employees. We view the trend towards creating artificial groups and attempting to stuff your staff, clients and contacts in these silos as unnatural and ineffective.
  2. Provide guidance and ‘one-click’ tools which enable your employees to easily customize their profiles and seed conversations with opportunity specific materials. When your sales team is preparing to meet with a particular packaged goods manufacturer, they need to be able to quickly populate their social spaces with relevant and insightful conversation starters.

Social networking is an extremely effective employee empowerment tool. As with all corporate strategy driven marketing, the key is to maintain a centrally controlled message while allowing your employees the freedom to run with their own individual brand.

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