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an immediate need

Does your company have a project on its plate for which your team lacks some of the required skills? Training takes time and hiring a new staff member to fill a short term need introduces unnecessary costs. A temporary augmentation of your  workforce may offer the perfect solution.

consider the benefits

Our network of interactive specialists is broad and can address nearly any IT need from project management, to design, to programming, to networking. Consider the benefits:

  • On Demand – our staffing solutions are available as needed to work on or off site. When your project is complete, so is your expense. There is no long-term commitment.
  • Results Oriented – a temporary worker has a single focus: complete the assigned project. Unlike full-time employees, our placements are not subject to off-project company distractions.
  • Highly Qualified – we will provide you with a worker who is specialized in precisely the skills you are seeking.
  • Staff Improvement – Remember that costly training you wanted to avoid? By bringing in a specialist to augment your existing team, your staff will benefit from exposure to expertise and will pick up some learning as a result.
  • Quantifiable Cost – You can predict your augmentation costs and build those into your project budget up front, allowing you to avoid straining your HR budgets.



When your project is complete, so is your expense.

test the waters

A temporary placement allows you to experiment with making the position full time. Some companies discover that their new team member is necessary after all. If this turns out to be the case for you, we will be happy discuss your options.

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